About us

Best online Bird store UAE

Welcome to Birdfarrm the largest parrot breeders! If you have not had the opportunity to visit our store, you are in for a wonderful experience. Within the walls of Birdfarrm Store awaits any bird and bird owner’s dream come true.

There is little doubt that our store is a very large bird store, probably the largest in United Arab Emirates which supplies across the gulf in countries such as Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. There is no doubt that we have an unsurpassed selection of toys, cages, bulk food, play stands etc. However, those are not the qualities about which we are most proud. It gives me great pride to say that each and every staff member owns, loves and respects birds. Each member is well aware that not all birds are suitable for all family situations. We take the time to talk with our customers, listen to their needs and desires.

Quite possibly a small conure is much better suited for a family with small children than the amazon parrot they had originally discussed. Cockatoos are some of the most cuddly, endearing parrots you will ever encounter. However, the household that lives in a small apartment and cannot dedicate several hours a day to the needs of these special birds is best directed to another species.