Blue and Gold Macaw for sale Oman

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Blue and Gold Macaw, Oman

-Blue and Gold Macaw Male and female
-14 weeks old
-2 feeds a day and is starting to eat veggies and pellets by himself
– starting to talk he says hello and is still learning more justĀ  understand some of it yet
– He is starting to fly as well very well hand raised will just stay on your shoulder, does not bite or nibble at all.
– Will be sold with everything you need, powder, pellets, his play pen and his sleeping area.

Buy blue and gold macaw parrot Oman,Qatar,Kuwait,Bahrain and Saudi Arabia

These parrots are not for everyone as they are a huge commitment and it doesn’t suit their makeup to take a backseat in your life. In the right environment their personalities will shine, they will want to be part of everything you do and they will make their presence known by there comical antics if they are not included.. If an CAG is bored or stressed it may result in plucking behaviour.

Birds for sale online Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia


1 review for Blue and Gold Macaw for sale Oman

  1. Saed Ahmed

    I would recommend everyone to look at how beautiful it is and what choice they have.
    When I took my son to choose a birthday present
    I had no idea what to buy him.Then we came across “Birdfarrm” shop for my son there was no dilemma.The shop is beautiful and we got a good pair Blue and gold macaw parrots

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